Daejeon Skyroad

Management of Skyroad

Daejeon Tourism Organization is contributing to the revitalization of the old downtown and the development of landmarks in Daejeon through the successful operation of the Daejeon Skyroad.

  • Outline of Skyroad
  • Location : Daejeon Junggu Jungangno 164beonji ( Euneungjeongi street)
  • Scale : LED video screen with 214m length, 13.3m width, 20m height facility of contents and theme
  • Construction cost : 16.55 billion won (government expenditure 8.2 billion won, city expenditure 8.35 billion won)
  • Special feature : world’s fourth largest arcaded LED video screen
  • Operational status
  • Operational contents : Video screening, hosting of various festivals and events