Purpose and background

Outline of Establishment

The Daejeon Tourism Organization was established by integrating Expo Science Park and Daejeon Convention Bureau on 1 November 2011 in order to strengthen the competence of destination marketing for the Daejeon Metropolitan City.

Daejeon Tourism Organization is a city-government’s marketing institution created to invigorate the local economy and enhance the city identity. The Daejeon Tourism Organization aims to help create jobs and increase incomes by discovering and promoting cultural, historical heritages and resources, which are the key factors to social and economic revitalization.

Also, it holds various cultural tourism festivals and events, as a means of policies for the local economic stimulation. By promoting Daejeon as a culture city and a travel destination city through diversified marketing activities, it seeks not only to enhance globalization of local economy but to improve local residents’ quality of life.

Major projects include the city brand marketing project, the management of the EXPO Science Park, the stimulation of MICE(meeting, incentive tour, convention, exhibition) industry, the operation of the Daejeon Convention & Exhibition Center, and the promotion of medical tours in Daejeon.

We, over 220 staff members, will do our best to satisfy the needs of customers and to contribute to the local economic development by providing necessary services.

  • Major business
  • Establishment of City Brands
    Differentiation as a cultural city and a tourist city by building up images which are distinctive from other regions, promoting local residents’ emotional stability through urban marketing, stablishing identity for local residents through the sense of belonging and pride of the region
  • Activation of Local Economy
    Contribution to job creation and increase of income in the region by utilizing the production and distribution of cultural products which is an important part of the local economy.
  • Activation of Local Culture
    Use as a policy to activate regional culture such as various events, cultural events,historical resource development, etc.

Major business

  • City brands and marketing business

  • Support for hosting and attracting
    domestic and foreign conventions

  • Management and operation
    of the world Expo assets

  • operation of tourism resources and
    convenience facilities

  • Medical tourism related business, etc.

  • display and promotion of high-tech
    industry and scientific technology